EcoMedia is information media-channel, broadcasted on the screens of intercity busses, as well as a news portal

We thought of making the world brighter and more exciting, and therefore you will find only positive and useful information on our channel. No crime, no politics, no negative. From the huge amount of information, our reporters carefully choose only the interesting and exciting one.
Pleasant news and interesting facts
Events and activities all over Latvia
Information regarding culture and education
Tips and ideas for spending weekends
Follow and suggest your ideas!
Every month, 250000 passengers of “Nordeka” buses have the time to see your offers and consider your products.
During the trip we show on our screens
Information about the route and stops
News of
Photo and video materials about Latvia
Information about the sights along the route

Share your photos and video materials about Latvia, and we will place them on screens!!!
EcoMedia is a unique opportunity for your advertisement in Latvian busses!
We are interested in our clients getting returns on their advertising!
We invite social, governmental and commercial organizations, that are interested in our project and are ready to support it for collaboration.
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+371 67505357
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